Clean the air you breathe!

1 liter of concentrate

Unique blend of essential oils, SynerOil, dispersed into fine droplets by its unique SynerZEN system, will bring the fresh and pure air of the mountains into your interior, delivering an immediate feeling of well-being and comfort. Bad odors are truly destroyed, the ambient air is cleaned, and the living space is purified.

SynerOIL is an odor destroyer, suitable for private and collective residences, waiting rooms, and smoky areas.
It is used diluted at 20% in the SynerZEN fountain in a fine mist or in direct sprays, in a 10% dilution.

SynerOil contains a high concentration of essential oils, stabilized in a specially formulated carrier, anti-foam, and ensuring micro-droplet diffusion. It is suitable for the aqueous micro-diffusion of the SynerZEN fountain and not recommended for direct use in other types of diffusers.

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AlphaOne contains Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, which contributes to a positive mood. Aphanizomenon flos-aquae is also a source of vitamin B12, which contributes to normal psychological functions.

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Each of our supplements offers its own benefits: energy, regeneration, vitality, mental strength, good mood, and much more. They are designed for everyone, at any age, and everyone will find it beneficial to supplement themselves in a preventative approach and to maintain good health. Simple and safe, SynerJ-Health supplements can be combined for an enhanced effect and without the risk of interference, by following the recommended guidelines.

Our body is of an unsuspected perfection. However, modern life distances us from our ancestral functioning: overly rich and processed foods, poor in natural vitamins, intense rhythms, insufficient rest generate fatigue, stress, and affect the vitality of our bacterial flora. Occasionally, the consumption of medication can lead to a deficiency in essential nutrients. When several of these factors combine over the long term, it opens the door for disorders to take hold.

This is where the dietary supplement finds its importance in our daily life. It is an answer to these harmful situations by preserving our metabolism.

Rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, the virtues of dietary supplements are well established:

- Preventing risks
- Addressing metabolism-related issues (digestion, skin, nutrition, etc.)
- Restoring sufficient nutrient intake
- Avoiding deficiencies and compensating for certain imbalances
- Maintaining good health

Combining wellness and naturalness is our priority. With French innovations and natural benefits, SynerJ-Health supplements are precisely formulated to contribute to the body's balance.

This is how our ranges are developed with great rigor:

Natural origin, unique source of bioavailability, and optimal absorption  
For equal performance, we select plant-based active ingredients, thus highlighting the exceptional properties of the Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae algae with AlphaOne. (nutrition line link)  
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Discover a world of premium products tailored to various objectives

Consume an exceptionally rich food every day (nutrition line link)  
Support the digestive system, the main actor of our health, with well-assimilated nutrients and a healthy microbiota Intestinal Balance Line  
Provide antioxidants and prevent the harmful effects of free radicals Regeneration line  
Meet a desire for well-being and comfort in our daily lives. Vitality and Shape Line

The value of a formula rests on the origin and the content of active ingredients it contains. Our level of demand is high, and quality always guides our choices: highly concentrated and thus rare components, guaranteed traceability, preferred plant origin. Almost all raw materials are guaranteed to be gluten-free and free from major allergens.

No additives, no binders, nor preservatives.

No irradiation in our ingredients.    Une image contenant texte, pièce, casino

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All our supplements are exclusive and developed from multidisciplinary academic research that has been published in validated international journals.

SynerJ-Health products are not tested on animals.

SynerJ-Health products are registered with the DGCCRF.

100% French in design, the production series is carried out by dietary supplement professionals, equipped with high-tech facilities that comply with current standards.

Respectful packaging

SynerJ-Health prefers to present its supplements in capsules (non-GMO plant origin) to provide only dehydrated actives, without additives or binders. The packaging is done in recycled, opaque, sealed, and resealable bottles to preserve their properties. A sealed bottle and a package closed with original adhesive tape are your guarantee of origin and quality. Photo of bottles and packages with the SynerJ sticker.



Oil Blend

Siberian PIN

Field Mint


Rosemary  Cinéol

Clove Buds

Winter Savory


THYM Thymol

For targeted cleanings: Dilute SynerOIL at 10% (25 ml per 250 ml) with water in a manual spray bottle. For floor maintenance: Dilute SynerOIL in a bucket at 1 or 2% depending on the level of contamination (10 or 20 ml per liter of water); for a lasting effect, rinse tiled surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and elsewhere.

In the SynerZEN fountain: Dilute SynerOIL 15 to 20 ml per 60 cl of water in the fountain to enhance well-being and comfort through breathing.

Do not hesitate to contact an advisor or a member of our team to be better informed in your case.
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